FAQs – Virtual assessment program



KEF/PFEL has been working since 2008 with the Government education system to transform the education practices for better student learning outcome. In this context, we are putting our best efforts together to achieve common goals. Virtual field support (VFS) is one of our best practices to support schools and teachers and help them to mitigate their concern related to classroom practices, middle manager to improve strategies to ensure quality of student learning outcome, and administrative to improve the educational process and policy for respective state.

Therefore, we wish that will continue with our VFS practice with real time data of student learning outcome. This will help us to understand the actual classroom practices and gaps in learning outcome with skills and sub skills for language and math.

Therefore, we are proposing early literacy and numeracy virtual assessment with grade 2 and 3. Hope we all will put our best efforts to take the virtual assessment program to our respective stakeholders.

As a result, will more closely work with teachers/HMs/schools/ middle managers to improve their classroom practice, teaching and learning strategies and ensure positive impact on student learning outcome.

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